Finding Calm in a Sea of Anxiety, Fear & Anger in This Era of the Coronavirus

Originally recorded May 26, 2020

This course consists of 1 video (2 hours) and 18 pages of downloadable handouts.

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Course Description

Michael Rossoff's second Webinar, “Finding Calm in a Sea of Anxiety, Fear & Anger in the Era of Coronavirus,” was presented on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.
It explores many ways to secure and maintain good emotional health so that even when we are ill, with a cold, the flu, or the current Covid-19, we will not be overwhelmed and can be confident of recovery.

The webinar focuses on Body/Mind/Emotion connections. You will see how digestion and circulation of blood play key roles in wellness. Best natural food choices will be discussed, emphasizing which ones create or reduce stagnation and phlegm.

This webinar explores the three key emotions that make us unstable, insecure and weakened. These are fear, anxiety (and panic), and anger. We will look at these from a macrobiotic dietary approach and Oriental medicine insights.

To learn more about the topics in the 2-hour webinar, please visit Michael Rossoff's website, HERE.

The 18 pages of Handouts are immediately available to download and print after your purchase. Remember, you have 14 days to view or review the webinar.