Strengthening Lung Health with Macrobiotics & Oriental Healing


Originally recorded on April 21, 2020,
This course consists of 1 video (over 2 hours), 20 pages of downloadable handouts, and 4 pages of recipes.

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Course Description

The coronavirus pandemic remains a serious threat to everyone's health. The key to preventing a serious infection is to have a strong defense. This is the role of the Lungs since the virus can only attack the body through the lungs.


The "Strengthening Lung Health with Macrobiotics & Oriental Healing" seminar was recorded live  on Tuesday, April 21. We explore the many ways we can secure and maintain good Lung health so that we can quickly recover even if we get sick. The webinar's focus was on food choices, cooking styles, etc., and energetic empowerment to keep our meridians and blood circulation and digestion in the best shape.


We can take two approaches that will make a profound difference in our lung health.

  1. Dietary choices are central for avoiding excesses and toxins and nourishing our blood, organs, and cells. We’ll look at how a macrobiotic dietary approach helps Lungs to function best. Specific grains, vegetables, beans, herbs, and best cooking approaches will be discussed.
  2. Energetic impacts on our meridian system control our deeper self-healing responses and long-term well-being. We’ll explore Oriental healing insights into the energetics of Lung and ways to support its best powers.

In Oriental healing Lung energy is connected to the Large Intestines. Therefore, bowel functions directly impact Lung health. Guidelines for improving bowel functions will be included.