I invite you to join me in exploring ways to create greater health and happiness for your personal needs and goals. The areas of my professional life spiral around healing — with a macrobiotic lifestyle and dietary approach, acupuncture, and teaching. I have devoted over 50 years to helping people with various problems, from minor to major, chronic and acute. Including both new sessions and revisits, I have had over 40,000 client consultations. I have spoken to groups large and small in America, Europe, and Israel. To these main approaches for healing — macrobiotics, and acupuncture — I use additional insights and recommendations for better success with your healing. These are powerful, low-tech, and personal — from lifestyle choices to emotional and mind-spirit perceptions. How you think about disease, recovery, and wellness often plays a part in the deeper areas that need change. Our mutual goal is to find key ways that profoundly assist your body’s ability to change and heal. True healing can occur when you actively participate in your healing process. Then anyone can benefit and recover their health.
I look forward to working with you as your guide, counselor, healer, and friend.

Michael Rossoff

Courses Currently Offered

Finding Calm
On sale now for $28

On sale now for $28